Healthcare Is a Top Cost on Your P&L.

70% of Small & Medium Sized Businesses Cited Rising Healthcare Cost a Top Concern.

The IronRoad Advantage:

We provide Fortune 500, fully-insured benefits at a cost you can afford. Simply said, with our self-insured pricing, we cut out the profit made by insurance companies. And for the past three years, IronRoad’s healthcare costs averaged less than a 7% increase.

For our employee benefits like insurance and retirement funds, we take advantage of economies of scale. That means your business suddenly has the buying power of a corporation with thousands of employees. Now you can access better benefits at significantly lower costs than you could get on your own.

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IronRoad’s Healthcare Renewal Costs Increased


IronRoad’s one-stop, full-service employee administration
solution can be customized to include:


Payroll & Taxes

Employee Benefits

Risk Management


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