2019 Goering Center Family and Private Business Awards

Deb Church – IronRoad

The Goering Center recently presented its 20th annual family and private business awards. IronRoad proudly was one of the 75 semi-finalists for the award out of more than 600 businesses that were nominated.

The process all began with a nomination from a close business associate. Then a team of IronRoad employees crafted and submitted the extensive application. “We were ecstatic to be nominated. But to make it to the semi-finals was beyond our wildest dreams.”

The awards event was a gathering of small to mid-sized business owners and their family and friends to recognize this elite group for the impacts they make in their company, their community, the lives of their employees and the clients and consumers they serve. “You could see and feel the pride and commitment in each one of the short videos highlighting their business.”

The Goering Center is a caring community where like-minded souls connect with one another in a spirit of continuous growth and support. The awards were created to honor unique contributions made by the Greater Cincinnati family and private business community. “We are honored to be recognized by this group and forge an ongoing partnership.”

Our mission at IronRoad is not about what we do – it’s about the why, and that is to serve people through genuine relationships. We are fueled by an unwavering commitment to servant leadership. We believe the measure of a leader is deemed by their willingness to serve others.

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