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Senior Industrial Engineer

Job Type:
$75,000 – $95,000 per year based on skills and experience

IronRoad is conducting a confidential direct hire search for a Senior Industrial Engineer for our Cincinnati, Ohio client. If you are looking to work for a wonderful employer and share your skill & experience as an Industrial Engineer, Please apply for the position and we will call you as well as reach out to you via email. Thank you

Position Description

Support Manufacturing Improvements and Design Processes to optimize production safely and ergonomically

Industrial Engineer II will be responsible for planning, designing, implementing, and managing; integrated, production and service delivery systems that assure performance, reliability, maintainability, schedule adherence and cost control within the production site. The Industrial Engineer II will adopt as its goals profitability, effectiveness, adaptability, responsiveness, quality, and the continuous improvement of products and services throughout their life cycles.


  • Manufacturing Support
    • Perform duties necessary to best support the mechanical assembly and overall plant process and material flows
    • Manufacturing / assembly processes, equipment selection and installation, process flow, P-P matrix, visual aids and work instructions, line and workstation layout design / setup, capacity planning / installation, DL sizing, material storage / replenishment system, IE quote, DFA, NPI, QRQC (if applicable), etc.
  • Work Measurement & Improvement
    • Ensure appropriate work measurement tools and techniques are applied to establish best work method and accurate time standard
    • Run rate set is based on best work standard. Run rate should be aggressive yet achievable to support TAKT, with standardized work and proper line balancing
    • MOST or MTM analysis should be performed for each work element to set the accurate time standard
    • Work sampling studies should be applied as appropriate
  • Ergonomics Design & Control
    • Refer to ergonomics course study to ensure work area design promotes best workplace health and safety, and eliminates any potential risks, accidents, and fatigue
    • Tie in plant Safety / OSHA engineer / officer to ensure local codes / regulations on ergonomics are met
    • Perform workstation ergonomics assessment on every workstation to make sure the workstation is designed to suit the operator, enhance performance and efficiency, and most importantly eliminate possible safety risk and fatigue
  • Layout Design & Optimization
    • Follow IE best practices to ensure work center and plant layout is flexible, scalable, modular, cost effective, and adhering to lean manufacturing principles
    • Ensure materials / process / people flow are optimized given current constraints
    • Continually drive for layout improvement to ensure best space and labor utilization
  • DL Resources Management & Optimization
    • Ensure DL Headcount requirement is sized in accordance to latest volume demand
    • DL Headcount refers to all categories of DL, inclusive to assembly and supporting DL
    • Ensure items 2, 3 & 4 are performed to continue driving for DL productivity improvement
    • Overall, Labor Effectiveness (OLE) is the productivity indicator to best measure the DL efficiency & effectiveness of managing / deploying DL
  • Continual Improvement & Waste Elimination
    • Ensure Good 5S and workplace organization. Train and coach as appropriate
    • Ensure proper visual management systems are in place to detect abnormalities
    • Work closely with plant Lean core teams and management to continuously eliminate the 7 Wastes
    • Lead and promote any IE related process improvement activities
  • Management of resources
    • Coach, mentor, and train engineers within the Industrial Engineering team
    • Support and/or maintain all lower-level Industrial Engineering essential duties and responsibilities

Required Skills/Abilities

  • BS Degree in Industrial Engineering, or other engineering degree with manufacturing focus strongly preferred
  • 5-10+ years of manufacturing experience preferred in engineering capacity (IE, Quality, Lean, etc.)
  • Excellent language and interpersonal skills, collaborative efforts with cross-functional team

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