Amanda Holbrook

Amanda Holbrook


Amanda Holbrook

Amanda Holbrook joined IronRoad as COO in the summer of 2020, with the passion to help lead the organization in a direction that aligns hand in hand with our company culture. In addition to driving company culture, revenue and talent, Amanda’s focus has been on leading a new software implementation that has and will continue to bring IronRoad to the next level.

Amanda has a results and revenue driven mindset that has enabled her to achieve company goals, objectives, and visions through the implementation of processes, strategy. leadership, training, and team development.

Prior to IronRoad, Amanda successfully supported her previous organization as the Regional President. In this role, she led the industry in utilization of technology, training and development and was responsible for delivering year-over-year revenue increases. Additionally, Amanda used her strong leadership and people skills to attract and retain top tier talent.

Amanda is an Ohio native but previously spent time living out west, which explains her love for the mountains, hiking and all things outdoors. Additionally, she was a collegiate basketball player at Ball State University.

Amanda’s core values, skills and passion have truly played a part in elevating IronRoad to be one of the top PEO’s in the industry.

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